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The Silver Beetles (The Beatles) at the Wyvern Social Club 106-108 Seel Street, Liverpool (later known as The Blue Angel) 10th May 1960. This pictures the band’s audition in front of manager and impresario Larry Parnes for a tour with Billy Fury. Amongst others present were Gerry and the Pacemakers and some of the groups made use of The Pressmen’s Selmer Truvoice amplifiers and drums. Drummer Tommy Moore was late for the audition! Stuart Sutcliffe on bass pictured with his black sunglasses, on the left. © Photographer Cheniston Roland.


I declare that The Beatles are mutants.

Misery // All My Loving // Hold Me Tight // Devil In Her Heart // Twist and Shout // Help! // From Me To You // Nowhere Man // Here, There and Everywhere // Penny Lane // A Day In The Life // While My Guitar Gently Weeps // Don’t Let Me Down // Free As A Bird // All You Need Is Love.




My name is Juliet Capulet and I’m 13 years young and I luv my bf Romeo so much we’re gunna get married i luv him so much& we just met hehe xD I wuld give my life for him!

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